I did a charity fight Saturday…


I have to admit I was feeling a bit nervous and out of shape for this one. But I guess it is like anything in life, you take your body for granted. And this fight definitely re-lit the fire for me. It is such a great feeling to face a challenge and come up on

Posted a quick tattoodo teaser


Click on the image below, to go to the cool teaser video Tattoodo posted on my facebook page of my friend Rodrigo. Thanks for looking! 

New Global Humanitaria Video


This is a video Global Humanitaria created from the event we had at the Miami shop recently. Click on the image below to be taken to their facebook page and view this video, or the art collaboration I had with Orange County Choppers video to create an auction piece for the children in need. Don’t

15 best movie tattoos


I love all the feed back this story spurred on Facebook, so I had to repost to the blog. You guys sent me some great reminders of films, and characters that were not listed, and of course that got me thinking…There are so many, I can not even begin to list. I think when I

Quick Miami Trip!


Flew down here for a few days to work on a Chillibeans project…gonna try to open up my schedule for a least a day to tattoo. Hope to see you at the Love Hate shop in Miami Beach!    

Crazy New Tattoo Styles


The popularity of new tattoo styles has grown tremendously over the years. Which one is your favorite? Watercolor Tattoos? Photoshop Style? Red Ink, or Realistic Trash Polka?! Just click below to read the Tattoodo post. Thanks for reading!