Opening tomorrow at 12pm in MIA


Hi all – I have a short notice appt available tomorrow in Miami at 12pm, email my assistant if that works for your schedule with what you want. cozette 4 amijames at

I’m Back…Back in Miami that is!


Going to be doing what I do best…tattooing. I will keep you posted with openings, I am going down my list with my assistant today. Feel free to email your requests… cozette 4 ami james at



Yes, finally after 10 years we have updated our site. When I first started opening love hate shops around the world, I knew I wanted some kind of uniformity. I knew it would not be exactly the same, and I am still tweaking some things, but I am glad to say that all the shops

Last minute opening in Asheville


I just had a super short notice schedule cancellation, so I will be taking walk-ins in Asheville this afternoon. Thanks for reading!

Tonight is the night


I am in NYC now, so I will see you there.

Performance by Diablo Dimes
and Deacon & The Fox

U.S. Army Relaxes Tattoo Policy


I thought this was a good story to post today. We all need some good news everyone once in a while, and these guys deserve it. Just click on the image below to read more about the story. Happy Monday!


Official Chilibeans Brazil Fashion Cruise


Docked in Rio on the Chilibeans fashion cruise. As most of you know, I enjoy the clothing/fashion industry. I’m a laid back guy, so often my clothing choice consists of a t-shirt and jeans, with a hat. But Chilibeans has it all, and I like having options. We are having a great time, and if

Costa Rica in May for a Convention


I am headed to Costa on May 30th – June 1st, in San Jose. I love this country, and I am super stoked to be participating in such a cool event! Click on any if the images below to go the video post, facebook, or the convention’s website. Thanks for reading…   I