As a child of poverty and struggle, my initial ambitions were different than that of my peers. I wanted to be a catalyst for change, I wanted to be a chaotic rebel, I wanted to be – different. I sought refuge in a punk rock scene that spoke out against “the establishment.” My rebellious path and perceptions of reality all changed after I saw the best and worst of humanity during my time in the Israeli army. The proverbial “hindsight” is always 20/20  – and now as a father of 2 children I view the world through the perspective of a father and artist with a small taste of rebellion.  When the “Ink” Television opportunity presented itself, i saw it as an opportunity to speak out and try to make a small difference in the world.

The One thing that never wavered was my passion for Art.  As a punk rock teenager, the culture made me a product of the street. I fell in love with music, fashion, and art. Even if it was a Mohawk and ripped jeans, it said something about my beliefs and my opinions – that individuals could have a view about me before a word was ever shared. Now, as an artist with 30 years of worldwide influences from the streets to the walls of international galleries, I see again an opportunity, to speak to the world through “my art.”

The “Ink” shows changed the perception and acceptance of Tattoos worldwide. It went from being “faux pas,” to being an appreciated body art item in under a decade. There was a time when tattoos were the exception, now they are the rule – instead of your outfit speaking out about your beliefs, it is the collection of artwork on your skin. I do not need to tell you the success of when these two aspects of trend and inspiring images come together. Mainstream acceptance is further enhanced when top designers such as  Calvin Klein choose a tattoo covered brief model or when Pacco Rabon chooses a tattooed athlete for its fragrance ads. and their choice for a tattooed covered brief model, Pacco Rabon and a tattooed covered athlete for its fragrance ads.

This is the time to recognize the growth of this industry with such figures as 36% of Americans aged 18 to 25 have at least one tattoo, Tattooing is the 6th fastest growing retail industry in the world, more than 30,000 tattoo shops are operating in the US alone, the industry is Generating over Three billion dollars year, and 147 million monthly tattoo searches in Google alone, a number which has doubled since 2007. It is results and trends like these that have help build a solid foundation for my business ventures. Opening 5 tattoo shops in the US and Europe, a bar located in south Florida, and the newest and most unprecedented business venture, the opening of the Tattoodo website. We have incredible mile stones including hitting over 1 million viewers on our blog in one day, and becoming the most searched tattoo website within the first year of opening. Again, all this just speaks to the vast opportunity we have in this exact moment to create and achieve a perfect complement of art and clothing in the fashion industry.

Ami James Brands where Art is a
Reflection of Humanity.